Mesa Verde Baptist Association
Monday, April 12, 2021
Serving the Southwest Colorado Area

Our Preferred Future

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

"Then the word of God spread, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith. And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and signs among the people."  Acts 6:7-8


We see a day when:  All people are worshipping the Most High God.
All pockets of lostness are penetrated and Southwest Colorado is saturated with the Gospel and everyone has access to a congregational expression (church).
Our churches are ministering to everyone passing through Southwest Colorado who, because of their life transformation, will then minister to others in their home community.
All churches are experiencing health.
All churches are multiplying exponentially.
All churches are engaged incarnationally and missionally to engage their context with the Gospel.
All churches are partnering with other Great Commission Christians to see the Kingdom Of God brought near to every pocket of lostness in Southwest Colorado.
The Mesa Verde Baptist Association will do what ever it takes for everyone in Southwest Colorado to hear the Gospel, have an opportunity to respond, be discipled in some expression of a faith community and worship the most high God.
We value: Church health
Total church life as expressed in each church uniquely. (Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saints, Evangelize the Sinner, and Being On Mission)
Different expressions of church.
Starting new churches.
The raising up of indigenous leaders.
Leadership development.
The Great Commission.
Objective: Church Strengthening and Enhancement
Goal: To see every church strengthened and have a passion to reach the culture in which it exists.
Action Plans: *Identify areas of strength and maintain those as priorities.
*To identify areas of weakness and work out an action plan moving toward strength.
*To provide Coaching and resources to help each church reach their agreed upon level of success.
*To provide a two year church strengthening process to work on eight church health areas – four each year.
(As a church moves toward strength they begin to see beyond themselves and focusing on an incarnational lifestyle of evangelism and church planting.)
Goal: To provide coaching, training and resources to help pastors and staff in areas where help is needed.
Action Plans: To provide Process Coaching to pastors and or churches in areas such as:
Spiritual Dynamic
Teaching and Training
Objective: Discipleship/Evangelism
Goal: That every church will be see a visible difference as they grow in respect to the Great Commission.
Action Plan: Discover the needs in each church that is needed to make them effective in living out the Great Commission.
Action Plan: Work with National SBC Agencies, CBGC, as well as MVBA Leadership to provide resources for churches to become effective.
Goal: That every Disciple of Christ (every believer) will have passion and be equipped to evangelize and make disciples. That every church will have a heart for ministry evangelism and lifestyle evangelism in reaching their communities in their context.
Action Plan: To provide assistance to the churches in the development of training, ministries, growing passion, and the discovery of resources.
Objective: Disaster Response
Goal: Develop a Disaster Response Team
Action Plan: Establish an Association Coordinating Team which includes:
*Team Leader – oversee general training and response readiness.
*Driver Leader. Recruit and train sufficient drivers to man the Feeding Unit when called.
*“Blue Hats” to supervise and provide training.
*Representatives from the following Teams:
Feeding Team
Saw Team
Mud out Team
Assessment Team
Assignment Team
Action Plan: Local Church Teams: Promote Disaster Preparedness Sundays in the local churches. Place the unit at the church for tours and explanation of function. Prepare promotional literature.
Goal: Provide readiness training.
Action Plan: *Schedule quarterly training meetings for hands-on experience. These dates will be schedules two years out starting in 2009.
*Take the feeding unit to strategic church sites for training.
*Enlist state leadership to assist with training events until we can become self- propagating.
*Explore cooperative agreements with New Mexico Disaster Relief.
Objective: Missions/Ministry (That there will be a transformation from head knowledge of gospel planting/church planting to a passionate heart call to be involved in what God is doing in reaching every people group and place in Mesa Verde Associational area.)
Goal: That there will be a climate for gospel planting/church planting.
Action Plan: *Use every opportunity to talk and write about biblical and cultural models of gospel planting/church planting using MBVA newsletter, website, emails, personal engagements.
*Have associational Newsletter and website in place by January 2009.
*Develop a gospel planting/church planting brochure for the purpose of promotion, education, vision casting, and challenge. Have ready to distribute by Spring Semi Annual meeting 2009.
Goal: That all MVBA churches will be involved and committed to gospel planting/church/planting.
Action Plan: *Provide an opportunity for every church to be a partner in church planting in at least one of the following areas:
-Supporting Church
-Clustering Church
-Primary Church
*Provide sponsor training as needed.
*Provide strategy training as requested.
*To help our churches see the potential of penetrating lostness by conducting gospel planting ministry events.
Goal: Pray and encourage prayer for not only acceptance but also excitement about what God is going to do.
Action Plan: *To encourage churches to be involved in what God in doing to reach the people in their area.
*To help the churches to have the creative rights to come up with what ever works in their area.
Goal: To enlist God called church planters.
Action Plan: *To raise up church planters within the association as well as search for Planters outside our area that will fit the mold of Southwest Colorado.
*To provide an assessment for each church planter
*To provide Basic Training for each church Planter
*To provide a mentor for each church planter
* To provide support and encouragement for each church planter
*To assist in developing strategic partnerships
* To use student missionaries and Mission Service Corp in the church planting process
Goal:   2008 20 congregations
2013 have started 20 minus 25% attrition rate = 15 with a total of 35 congregations
2018 have started 35 minus 25% attrition rate = 26 with a total of 61 congregations
2023 have started 61 minus 25% attrition rate = 46 with a total of 107 congregations at the end of 2023