Mesa Verde Baptist Association
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Serving the Southwest Colorado Area

Welcome to Mesa Verde Baptist Association!


Welcome to the Mesa Verde Baptist Association (MVBA) website.  The population of our area is 98,500 in 7,ooo square miles. 47,000 of that population are not counted in the population of any town or city, which means that almost half of our population is rural and mountain subdivisions.  Southwest Colorado is a beautiful part of the Rockies and is a destination spot for travelers from around the world.   It is also a great place to retire as many have discovered.   Several of our churches double in size because of summer quests and those who have second homes in the area.  The population of our area swells considerably during the summer.
MVBA consists of 25 churches two of which are new church starts. 50% of our pastors are bivocational or part time.   We are a passion driven association with all our leadership having passion for the areas they are responsible for.   Please look at our “Preferred Future” on our site.
For information on how to be saved, use our Contact Us page or go to How to Become a Christian
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